L’UPSSITECH, and so thus SRI, imposes a mandatory international mobility for all students considering the fact that graduates will be employed in an international context. An international experience is possible via internships (2nd and 3rd years) or exchanges of one semester for study. Students can benefit from an extensive network of international partnerships in higher education and research at UPS. Some were initiated by the SRI teaching staff in the fields of robotics and human-computer interaction.
Here are some examples of recent destinations for internships: Australia, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, United States, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden,Taiwan,… during the period April-August. Cf. map below.
The SRI semestrialisation is carried out during the period January-June. Here are some examples of recent destinations for SRI students: Germany, Chile, Japan, Mexico, Portugal,… Cf. map below.
Note that students who privilege Japan for such mobilities choose Japanese as a second language during their studies.

The SRI teaching staff advises and supports students in their mobility research!


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Finally, the UPSSITECH school, and thus SRI, welcomes students as part of international exchange programs or upon individual request.