Engineer training “Robotic & Interactive Systems” (SRI)

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UPSSITECH department, Engineer School with enhanced autonomy 3 years duration training and accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur
Learning by doing projects: Projects 2A (TER), Industrial projects 3A (PGE)

The major « Systèmes Robotiques et Interactifs » (SRI) is one of the three specializations of UPSSITECH Engineering School at Paul Sabatier University. The objective is to train and to give students a certification as an engineer with high level scientific and technical skills in Computer Science and Automatic Control with the ability to design, develop, and integrate complex systems based on robotics (arm manipulators, mobile robots, humanoid robots) and/or interactive technologies.

Programming of these systems is based on the perception-decision-action loop: multi-sensory perception, decision making, reasoning and learning, action and motion planning, sensory motor control, multimodal interaction – and their integration on robotic and interactive systems that combine the virtual computer world with real world robots. The SRI specialization is logically multidisciplinary as it is at the conjunction of signal processing, image and speech processing and synthesis, real-time computing, automatic control systems, advanced programming, artificial intelligence, and human-machine interaction.

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