« A 25-year history and more »

SRI was at the origin the « Institut Universitaire Professionnel » Intelligent systems (IUP SI) established in 1992 within the University in response to Toulouse’s industrial need in terms of scientific manpower with double skills in both automation and software required for intelligent systems. Training courses are now given in the frame of CTI accreditation, and can rely on an active network of former graduate students and corporate partners to promote the employability of graduates.

« A favorable eco system »

“Midi-Pyrénées” is a major stakeholder in « France Robots Initiatives » plan, as one of the 3 regions involved in its implementation. It consists of academic labs but also 9 platforms – including the « Robotics Place » (created in 2012, currently with 80 members) – that support a network of 116 private companies in the region. “Midi-Pyrénées” appears as one of the most active regions in the fields of robotics and human-machine interaction (HMI). The SRI specialization is a full part of this “training-research-industry” regional network, and beyond, deeply involved at the national and international level with the very fast developments of robotics and HMI.

« A very supportive academic environment »

SRI , and more broadly UPSSITECH can rely on:

  • Advanced technological means, including the AIP-PRIMECA with its robotics and software platforms.
  • A renowned preparatory school within the university (CUPGE).
  • A Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSI) with nearly 15000 students.
  • A University, Paul Sabatier University enrolling around 32000 students.

« Profile of engineers trained in the SRI specialization »

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