Pedagogical partnership with the SRI specialization

The SRI specialization relies on an active partnership of more than 25 years. Our industrial partners are widely involved in our organization: decision-making boards, recruitment, participation to scientific courses, link to business, projects, network of former graduates (300 people). So do not hesitate to send us all your offers, we will relay them as soon as possible to our students, or even our alumni! The internships of the 2nd (respectively 3rd) year take place from beginning of April to July or August (respectively begining of March to July or August).

SRI is an active member of various industrial structures such as the Innovation Group for Industries ( GIPI ), and the « Robotics Place » cluster. These interactions induce synergies and promote our departement. SRI is supported today by numerous partners like Actemium, Airbus, Airbus defense, Akka Technologies, Audio Gaming, Continental Automotive, Dassault Systems, Ingenuity, Intuilab, Magellium, ORME, Naïo, Novalynx, Rockwell&Collins, Softbank Robotics, Sogeti High Tech, Spikenet Technology, Sopra Steria, Sterela, Tecnalia, Virtual IT.

Research partnership with the SRI teaching staff

The staff is composed of teachers as well as full researchers from two major labs dealing with our thematics in Toulouse: LAAS-CNRS and IRIT. Both are especially of international level in the field of robotics and human-machine interaction. The SRI teaching staff is involved in many collaborative projects with the industrial environment: CIFRE PhD, regional projects (EASYNOV, REALO,…), national projects (ANR, DGA, FUI,…), european projects. Through all these R&D projects, some of the SRI students get the opportunity to follow academic internships in their 2nd and 3rd year of study, with a possibility to pursue a PhD research in these labs.

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