Who can access the SRI specialization?

SRI and the two other UPSSITECH departments officially deliver the “Engineer” title through Paul Sabatier University after validation of the three years.
The admission at SRI is possible for students holding CPGE , DUT (software, EEA, etc.), L2 (software, EEA, PCP, etc.) degree, or even after a BTS completion, as well as degrees completed in foreign universities (campus france, etc.). Each class is composed of 36 students.


How to apply for the first year ?

The recruitment is based on the analysis of both an application document and an interview. The submission of the application consists of an online pre-registration before a given deadline. You must send a zip file containing the necessary supporting documents (letter of motivation, transcripts of record, CV … see the complete list here).
NB : The application fees are 50 €. No application fees apply to candidates holding a state bursary.

Recruitment campaign 2018 – Dates to confirm (n.c):

Website opening – application upload Website closing Deadline for receipt of applications Interviews Admission
2018 n.c.
(March the 27th, 2017)

2018 n.c.
(May the 22th, 2017)
2018 n.c
(May the 22th, 2017)

2018 n.c.
(June 14th to 21th, 2017)

2018 n.c.
(end of June, 2017)

The SRI educational team, following the individualized interviews, communicates a main list of admission and a waiting list. Students who are admitted in the main list must confirm before a certain deadline in order to be definitively accepted. Students admitted in the waiting list are called if any students resign from the main list.

How to apply for the 2nd year ?

Enrolling in the 2nd year remain an exception. However, if you already hold a Master 1 or if you have already validated a first year of enginerring school , you can fill the application. Details are available on the UPSSITECH website heading Admission 2017

For more information, contact us at : upssitech-sri.contact@univ-tlse3.fr