A large scale student project

What we call PGE is an industrial project involving a company (client) and all our 3rd year-students. First created within the IUP Intelligent Systems Program, and proposed as well to students of the second year of master SIR, this project is carried out during the teaching period (from october to february). Concept quite unique, this project has an industral dimension, regarding constraints and objectives.

CRAFT 2014-2015 (Master 2 SIR)
see page Focus sur le PGE
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FDS 2013-2014 (Master 2 SIR)
Frailty Diagnosis System – Proof of concept in Frailty automatic detection. Winner of the National Trophy e-health 2014 , category “Student Projects”.
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SPARO 2012-2013 (IUP SI M2)
Sparring – simulation of a fleet of robots carrying targets
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other past projects .. 2nd of Master Intelligent Systems (IUP) : Jiminy (Spikenet, 2011-2012), SysCARE (Magellium, 2010-2011), SUAVE (Rockwell Collins, 2099-2010),
ATS (Nav On Time, 2008-2009), ASCS (Continental, 2007-2008), WRITE IT (LAPMA,2006-2007), Move It (UPS, 2005-2006)