TER Projects

These projects are carried out from September to January by students from Master 1 SIR (2nd year level), 3 to 5 students per team. Each project is proposed by a teacher or a person from the industry. This is a mean for our students to:

  • address the issues related to an ambitious project;
  • carry out a state-of-the-art study about the project scientific domain ;
  • be confronted with project management aspects: organization, planning, version control tools, …;
  • not only implement their technical skills;
  • but address issues from new areas and propose innovative solutions.

During 2014-2015, 6 projects have been carried out. You will find their synthetic description in French below (video will to be added soon).

ARDrone : 3D reconstruction of an environment using a drone ARDrone  video_icone
JARVIS 2 : Conversational Agent / virtual robot Jarvis 2  video_icone
TURTLE-BOT : Navigating a TurtleBot and reconstruction of its environment TurtleBot video_icone
Visual localization 2D / 3D for autonomous robots LocVisu3D video_icone
ConSOCampus : “Intelligent” Campus and ambient systems ConsoCampus  video_icone
WithU : a low-cost robotic system for telepresence WithU  video_icone